about aegis


Aegis is tasked with developing applications and products to secure the new technology emerging during the technology boom in the early stages of the new millenium and has continued to develop some groundbreaking new applications for our partners. By leveraging Anonymous Key Technology (AKT) Aegis has been able to build some of the most sophisticated secure products available to date. We have products that range from Secure Cloud Services to encrypted Teleheath and everything in between! If you have an application or a need for secure and authenticated access to data, Aegis has a solution for you.

Technology Overview

Aegis Systems Canada, Inc. has created a patented technology, called Anonymous Key Technology (AKT), which secures the transmission of digital information for e-commerce and electronic communications without the cost and complications associated with existing solutions. Anonymous Keys are symmetric encryption keys generated by the credentials of the individual user. Anonymous Keys can also support smart cards and biometrics where stronger authentication is required. Unlike public and private keys that are used in PKI solutions, Anonymous Keys need not be registered with third parties, can be changed at any time, and are never exchanged with other users. AKT utilizes AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) a symmetric encryption algorithms that has been widely employed, tested, and proven in the marketplace. By combining unique communication processes and Anonymous Keys, AKT protects the privacy and integrity of confidential data at all points in the communications process including the data residing with the user’s computer, on the server, and at all points while in transit.

The Anonymous Key Technology patent can be viewed here: Patent Number 6,941,454

Government Certifications (By Partner AKCode LLC)

  • Federal Information and Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Certificate No.339
  • AES Certificates No. 38 and 47
  • SHS Certificates No. 128 and 142