AKTSummit - Secure TeleHealth (Built for AKCode)

AKTSummit was developed specifically for the Telehealth Industry. Utilizing standard off-the-shelf camera and microphone technology, Clinicians and patients are able to have secure audio and video communications using the product. The application uses 256-bit encryption to ensure that all of the communication between the patient and Clinician is completely secure. Leveraging the AKT technology allows AKCode to provide a superior end-user experience to the patients while providing the leading edge encryption strength mandated by the Government and other regulatory agencies. This product is currently being piloted by the Veterans Affairs Department.

ZECUREiT - Secure File Management

ZECUREiT is a data encryption software package that protects data on your local workstation from being read, even after being deleted. It is biometrics ready and includes access for Smart Cards for encrypting sensitive data so only individuals who successfully authenticate can access the protected data. Deleted data is shredded using the DOD three-pass algorithm to ensure that any data deleted from the hard drive cannot be restored through alternative methods.

ZECUREiT is currently integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive to encrypt data that is stored on Cloud Storage systems. The system also has the ablitity to share documents securely between individuals with the software installed.

ZECUREiT Mobile - Mobile File Management

ZECUREiT Mobile is an extension of ZECUREiT Pro and allows for the encryption of files and folders on any Android mobile device. It has all the functionality found in the ZECUREiT Pro application and can open and share documents between PC's and other mobile devices.

SecureChat - Text Based Communications (Built for AKCode)

SecureChat is designed to replace existing public chat and instant messaging environments with a secure and authenticated chat system. SecureChat can be implemented within any networking environment, including over public access networks. All transmissions, including files transferred between chat clients are secured from eavesdropping and can be implemented in a global environment. Enterprises and Government Agencies concerned with sensitive information being relayed through public messaging systems can implement SecureChat to secure the messages without impacting the productivity provided by instant messaging. Conversations are secure, can include multiple users, and can be saved. SecureChat is biometrics ready for advanced levels of security.

Custom Products

Aegis has numerous other products that are available for purchase, but cannot be listed on the website due to confidentiality agreements. We have previously designed secure products for the Banking and Financial sectors, Credit Cards and secure online transactions, Medical Records and home based Medical applications, streaming video, satellite communications, voice and audio application as well as many other niche applications.

If you have a need for a secure application, we may have already developed one, or have the resources to build you one that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.